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Until now there hasn't been alternative to phones' native media-players in J2ME phones. With GlassPlayer you get the functionalities you lack with most common native players, like multiple playlists, nice looks and great user interface. Get yourself a sophisticated mp3 player for your J2ME device.
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Thursday 29th Apr 2010, Helsinki
GlassPlayer was selected as "Editor's Pick" at BrotherSoft

Sunday 13th Dec 2009, Helsinki
GlassPlayer evolved to it's 3rd generation adding support for Podcasts and giving ability to search Podcasts. Touch screen compatibility took also a great leap forward

Monday 8th Jun 2009, Helsinki
Partnered with Playwork Ltd to allow GlassPlayer be distributed at
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You may get a fully functionial demo-version from our download-section and once happy with the performance, the full version is available for purchase at the same location

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